Hank and Lindsey

Hank and Lindsey (1)


Two of North Carolina’s veteran bluegrass musicians join forces to create an unprecedented duo album featuring the full range of their talents as composers and arrangers. Entitled, “IMPULSE”, the album mostly showcases Hank Smith’s instrumental compositions with contributions from Lindsey Tims, Adam Snow and an 800 year old Icelandic hymn. The duo makes use of traditional bluegrass instrumentation in a non-traditional way to present original music to the listener that goes beyond the limits of the idiom. The arrangements take on a new level of maturation that follows in the footsteps of Bela Fleck, Chris Thile, Sam Bush, Edgar Meyer, and Tony Rice. Hank and Lindsey want to pick up where seminal crossover groups like Strength In Numbers and the ever changing Bluegrass Allstars left off. Since the music is entirely instrumental, the duo allow themselves to experiment with arrangements and tailor the compositions to become vehicles for exploration. While Hank and Lindsey are the only two musicians on the recording, the tunes are fully realized arrangements and each tune features a full compliment of instruments. Hank Smith plays banjo, and on one tune, accordion. Lindsey Tims plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar and string bass. The result is the full and deep sound of a bluegrass band stretching beyond the frontier of traditional form.

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